Master of Business Administration

Apollos University The program is designed for students with a bachelor level degree in business or a related field. Mirroring the practice of successful organizations, our MBA program emulates the business environment, emphasizing practical knowledge and technological skills that can be put to immediate use. The MBA program is based upon 37 credits of graduate level courses. Apollos University is committed to providing individuals with the highest quality of education needed to advance in their profession. Graduates of the program are prepared to assume and succeed in leadership roles within today’s business world. The program provides maximum flexibility and is designed to enhance the student’s career opportunities while developing successful and ethical business leaders.

Program Outcome

1. Fulfill a leadership role within a business environment using sound business strategies and goals.
2. Apply advanced research skills, report writing competency and group process skills.
3. Influence the organization within the global business environment.
4. Effectively manage cross-cultural business environments using proven leadership and conflict management methods.
5. Facilitate strategic planning through the use of research and sound decision making.
6. Conduct business with high ethical and professional standards.
7. Apply theory and conceptually-developed models within the business environment.
8. Lead the organization using principals that add value not only to the profitability and productivity of the enterprise, but also add value for the stakeholders and customers of the organization.
9. Formulate career advancing knowledge and skills as leaders and practitioners.

Course Title

Master of Business Administration

Mode of Study

Online Study (Distance Learning)

Assessment Method

All Assigments


12 months

Awarded by

Apollos University

Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor Degree or equivalent
  • 3 years or more of business related work experience
  • Proficiency in English