Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  1. Program Objective

    UMT’s bachelor degree conversion is designed specifically for diploma and associate degree holders, and is offered through a combination of tutorial with using the latest multi-mode information and communication technology. The program is designed to develop in students a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding, skill and application in the field of communication and business administration. Students will increase their capacity for analytical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. In addition, successful completion of the program satisfies the admission requirements for the master’s and many other graduate programs from Hong Kong and overseas institution

  2. Awarded by

    University of Management and Technology

Mode of Study

Online Study


12 months

Assessment Method

Assigments and a written examination 

Start Date

January, April, July, October

Course Structure

For students with 3-year diploma or equivalent, the following 10 courses will be required to obtain UMT’s BSIT degree:
Cst 117 Internet & Web Programming
Cst 115 Computer Architecture & Organization
Cst 120 Program Logic & Design
Cst 161 Data Communications
Cst 167 Security Implementation and Management
Cst 182 IT Project Management
Cst 183 Object-Oriented Software Design
Cst 190 Database Systems
Cst 192 Management Information Systems
Cst 196 Intelligent System

Entry Requirements

– Holder of diploma/associate degree with the minimum GPA of 2.0 from a recognized university or professional association.
– Demonstrated proficiency in English.
– Other equivalent qualifications to be assessed by UMT.


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