QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Management


Course Title

QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

Course Level

Diploma (Level 5)

Course Credits

120 Credits

Assessment Method

All Assignments

Start Date

Every two months

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Study Method

你可以100%通過遙距模式(網上)學習第5級策略及領導能力文憑。 您將獲得學習資料,有一對一的網上輔導進行作業反饋。 此外,您還將獲得入讀英國學士學位最後階段的高級入學資格。

Qualifi Level 5 Diploma in Business Management Qualifi 第5級商業管理文憑
The qualification deals with complex and challenging organisational issues and opportunities. The units are closely linked to current day real world and work challenges and the qualification will test and develop learners’ workplace experience and abilities.
》 Responding to the Changing Business Environment

The aim of the unit is to introduce the learner to a number of dynamic factors that affect
how an organisation operates and the change in management that is required. By
understanding how relationships between public and private sector organisations are
affected by socio-economic factors the learner will be better placed to manage that

》 Effective Decision Making
The unit aims to equip the learner with the means to manage the process of decisionmaking rather than the outcome or decision itself. By recognising methods of decision
taking, the learner can stress the need for greater participation of stakeholders to ensure
pro-activity and innovation.

》 Business Development
The aim of this unit is to provide the Learner with the knowledge and skills to research a
market and plan a development strategy such as the launch of a new business model, new
enterprise, product or service line. Learners will need to fully develop and pitch their
business development strategy

》 Business Models and Growing Organization
To introduce the concept of working for and managing creatively within a smaller growth
organisation. This unit examines how the small business grows, reasons for success and how best to
manage available growth options. This will give the learner a greater understanding of fast
growth organisations in both private and social sectors of the economy.
Learners will develop skills to support their ability to understand business strategy and
development with an emphasis on business growth.

》 Customer Management
The aim of the unit is to provide Learners with understanding and insight into customer
behaviour. It will develop skills and Learners will use tools and practices an organisation can
use to retain and improve customer retention and relationships.

》 Risk Management and Organization
This unit will involve the Learner developing risk profiles and identifying risk management
strategies for selected case studies. These will be available on-line as used as a means to
illustrate the different ways organisations approach change. The course material will be
closely linked with creativity and innovation.

Entry Requirements
》Level 4 Diploma, or appropriate work experience
》Proficiency in English.


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