There are multiple study pathways for secondary school leavers in HK with multiple entry and exit points. Typically in order to study bachelor’s degree programmes direct after completing HKDSE (requires minimum 33222), however there are less than 20000 places and limited choices of institutions in HK. Some parents would send their children abroad to further their education, which costs around HK$1 million for a Bachelor degree. Therefore online learning/distance learning is very popular nowadays. 

The British Diploma courses provided by the Online Business School are precisely designed to interface UK universities.  HKDSE graduates study for level 4 and 5 diplomas in Hong Kong first (equivalent to the first and second year of university). The courses are taken online, so students can study while working. When they complete and obtain ATHE or QUALIFI Level 4 & 5 Diploma, the diploma is recognized by OFQUAL in the UK. Students can then choose to complete the final year of a bachelor’s degree at a designated university in the UK.


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