Doctoral in Business Administration DBA

Doctor of Business Administration (Registration Number: 261996)

Program Objective

The UMT DBA is a practice-oriented, professional doctoral program intended for executives and senior managers who want to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the fullest extent possible. Graduates possess the knowledge and experience to assume advanced positions in the management of organizations. A combination of analytical, practical, and research-based approaches is used to equip graduates with an understanding of management thought and practices, as well as a theoretical, philosophical, and real-world understanding of business administration principles and practices.

Awarded by

University of Management and Technology

Mode of Study

Online Study


Could be completed in 3 years

Assessment Method

Assigments and a written examination 

Start Date

January, April, July, October

Course Structure

Dissertation Committee
When students pass their comprehensive examination, they are assigned a Dissertation Committee. Similar to the Advisory Committee, this committee will comprise at least three faculty members with appropriate terminal degrees. Students may request substitutions or additions to this committee, which must be approved by the Academic Dean. Students work closely with their dissertation committee members through the remainder of their doctoral program.

Special Topics Research
The next major step toward the doctoral degree is for students to develop expertise in their chosen area of concentration. Students build a general reading list covering the major topics relevant to the concentration and an in-depth, specialized reading list relevant to their specific research interests.

Course Description
》Mgt 310 Analytical Techniques in Research
》Mgt 320 Philosophical Found. of Knowledge & Research
》Mgt 350 Evolution of Management Thought
》Mgt 355 Management as a Behavioral Science
》Mgt 358 Current Issue in Management
》Mgt 359 Managing Modern Business Operations
》Mgt 360 International Management
》Mgt 366 Leadership and Ethics
》Mgt 368 Business-Government Relations
》Mgt 395 Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
》Mgt 398 Directed Research and Readings
》Mgt 420 Special Topics in Research
》Mgt 499 Dissertation Research

Entry Requirements

– Applicants to the DBA program must have earned a master’s degree at an appropriately accredited institution of higher learning or a minimum of 30 graduate-level credits prior to formal admission to the program.
– Admissions are highly competitive. Only two cohorts are selected each year, with starting dates in January and July. Candidates are expected to have a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher in a relevant, accredited master’s program.


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