Executive Doctorate in Business Administration EDBA


  1. About EDBA

    The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is the most advanced business degree. The EDBA is a practical combination of strong academic content, coupled with advanced business strategies and solutions. The EDBA is ideal for individuals on a high corporate level who wish to acquire an extensive academic and industry related exposure. You will be actively involved in academic research, socio–economic ideas and business interests. Some may find it very suitable for giving their career a more academic direction.

  2. On successful completion of the EDBA program students will be able to

    ~ apply relevant theoretical knowledge to contemporary business problems;
    ~ critique contemporary organizational practice in the light of relevant theory;
    ~ explain the principles of, and apply, a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods frequently used in business research;
    ~ determine and apply appropriate research methods to business management problems;
    ~ acquire and utilize knowledge of behavioral, policy and strategic issues to improve the effectiveness of their own organizations;
    ~ demonstrate superior oral and written communications skills relevant to business; 
    ~ and link the educational experience directly with their own workplace experience.
    ~ critically evaluate business research studies in order to assess their quality and applicability in improving the effective handling of business management problems;
    ~ identify, analyze and evaluate internal and external environmental influences on organizations in order to develop strategic plans for the management of change and development;

Program Structure

Duration and Delivery

Research methodology courses :
~ Seminars in Hong Kong by HEC-Liège Professors
~ Taught in English

Other thematic courses or seminars (on-line or not) :
~ Program and content is approved by HEC Liège Executive Education
~ Curriculum designed by HEC-Liège Professors
~ Delivered by approved local professors

Courses may be organized in thematic programs
~ The program and the thematics are approved by HEC Liège Executive Education
~ Courses/seminars and their content are approved by HEC Liège Executive Education
~ The evaluation procedure is approved by HEC Liège Executive Education
~ Exams, exam corrections and notes are registered on an online platform

Research conference approval :
~ The students submit the conferences at least 30 days before the conference to the co-tutor and the program supervisor by sending :
‧ the description of the conference (program, content, duration.
‧ the motivation to attend and the link with their research topic
~ The program supervisor will approve or not the conference. In case of approval he will give a number of points to the conference depending on following items :
‧ content
‧ duration
‧ activity of the students

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