MSc in Business Psychology

全個課程以網上學習為主,完成課程及畢業後可取得London Metropolitan University頒發商業心理學MSc in Business Psychology碩士學位。


This course appears to be designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can apply psychological theories in business settings. It aims to provide individuals with knowledge and skills in psychology that can be applied in various business environments, such as leadership, change management, training, consumer analysis, and advertising.

The program focuses on the practical application of psychological principles in managing human behavior and well-being within a business or organizational context. The modules are likely designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively understand and address psychological factors that influence individuals and groups in these settings.

By studying this course, individuals can develop a better understanding of how psychology can be used to improve various aspects of business operations, such as enhancing leadership skills, managing change effectively, designing effective training programs, analyzing consumer behavior, and developing persuasive advertising strategies.

Overall, this course aims to bridge the gap between psychology and business by providing students with the necessary tools to apply psychological principles in real-world business situations. It offers a valuable opportunity for individuals aspiring to gain expertise in using psychology to better understand and manage human behavior in the context of business and organizations.

課程名稱 Business Psychology

MSc in Business Psychology


Online Study (Distance Learning)


All Assignments


12 months


London Metropolitan University


The Guardian University Guide 2024
TEF 教學框架銀獎 (2023)


Stage 1: QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Psychology
Mandatory Units
》Unit PSYCH701: Psychoanalysis and Mental Health
The aim of this unit is to help learners understand psychoanalytic therapy and its procedure, to examine counselling interventions and to know when to start and terminate a procedure.

》Unit PSYCH702: Exploring Psychology
The aim of this unit is to promote and study of a psychology that is committed to addressing the pressing social issues of current time and to provide a critique of mainstream psychology that grants psychologists an opportunity to think critically and creatively about
how best to serve a wide range of individuals and communities

》Unit PSYCH703: Cognitive and Biological Psychology
The aim of this unit is to explore the practical implications of cognitive processes in human
performance and to facilitate the learning of traditional and emergent fields of applied
cognitive psychology. It also covers understanding brain-behaviour relationship in day-today life and the neuropsychological relation to different psychological disorders.

》Unit PSYCH704: Qualitative Research Methodology
The aim of this unit is to acquaint learners with the qualitative paradigm of psychology and
different qualitative research methods and to provide them with an understanding of the
uses and applications of qualitative methods in research.

》Unit PSYCH705: Social and Cultural Psychology and Psychology of Human Development
The aim of this unit is to understand how a society influences the development of humans
and to assess key developmental changes.

》Unit PSYCH706: Rehabilitation Psychology
The aim of this unit is to provide learners with an understanding of the profession of
rehabilitation psychology, the psychological assessment of persons with disabilities,
psychological interventions and dealing with families and non-government organizations
(NGOs) and the community.

Stage 2: MSc in Business Psychology
─ Research Project


The pathways are an indication of a learner’s progress towards a university master degree and are based on the university’s review of learning programmes and outcomes. Further information is available here


  • Level 6 Diploma or Bachelor Degree or equivalent.
  • Applicants without a Level 7 Diploma but holding significant managerial experience will be considered for Advanced Entry on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applicants who wish to complete a Postgraduate Diploma to gain entry to the MSc in Business Pschology Final Stage.
  • Your existing educational qualifications and work experience will be directly taken into account, allowing for module exemptions whenever possible. If you would like to know further, please feel free to contact us.


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