MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management -complete within 1 year

全個課程以網上學習為主,首先修讀OTHM 第7級文憑課程,之後直接進入大學MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Top Up 完成課程及畢業後可取得MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management,最快1年完成。

Programme Objective

This programme equips graduates with a qualification in transport, logistics and supply chain.   

Course Title

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Mode of Study

Online Study (Distance Learning)


Assignments + Dissertation

Awarded by

London Graduate School


logistics supply chain management chichester
logistics supply chain management chichester
logistics supply chain management chichester

Progression Pathway

Programme Modules

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management
》Logistics Management
The unit focusses on the strategic, value adding role of logistics in supply networks. It aims to impart learners with a thorough understanding of key theoretical and operational aspects of managing logistics, specifically transportation, storage/warehousing and packaging. The related considerations for business competitiveness and operational efficiency is emphasised as is the interdependency between operational, technological, and regulatory aspects.

》Supply Chain Planning, Modelling and Analytics
The unit aims to provide learners with in-depth knowledge about planning processes across all key aspects of supply chain management. The relevance of each of the planning processes, the associated information requirements and modelling and analytic techniques are covered.

》Procurement and Supply Management
The unit seeks to provide learners with a thorough understanding of procurement and supply management from a strategic, technological, process and relationship perspective. The goal is to provide insights on the role of procurement within supply chain management, the tools and techniques to assess sourcing options, the negotiation and contractual issues encountered with suppliers, effective supplier relationship management and technological enablers in procurement.

》Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of supply chain and operations management, including its scope, impact and importance as well as the strategic decisions that need to be made in today’s world of global supply and global markets, taking into account the major competitive drivers. The unit discusses supply chain and operations management practices and approaches in a range of contexts.

》Sustainable Operations Management
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding, knowledge and skills of sustainable operations management, including key elements of sustainability and their importance to businesses, the business drivers and barriers affecting the move towards sustainability, the different practices across the supply chain that can be worked upon to improve sustainability as well as the performance measures and the business impact of sustainability. A variety of different sectors are explored.

》Business Research Methods
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of research principles including the formulation of research proposals, literature reviews, referencing, data collection using interviews and surveys, questionnaire design, statistical analysing using SPSS, qualitative data, and methods for drawing conclusions from the analysed data.

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Top Up
》Consultancy Project Report
The top-up programmes consist of a compulsory single module ‘Consultancy Project Report’ worth 60 credits. The module provides the opportunity for you to examine an area of particular interest within an appropriate organisational context. The module is designed to make a major contribution to your professional and intellectual development, through enabling you to demonstrate your capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection.
The purpose of this programme is to deliver a practical and realistic solution to a business-related strategic challenge, which in turn is supported by appropriate reference to theoretical and conceptual analysis. You will evidence this by producing a ‘Consultancy Project Report’ of 12,000 words.

Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelors degree of any subject achieved from a recognized institution and a minimum of one year working experience.
  • A professional qualification equivalent to a degree and a minimum of two years of working experience.
  • A Diploma of Higher Education or equivalent qualification achieved from universities and minimum of five years of working experience in which at least 2 years at managerial level.
  • Candidates without Diploma qualifications but with minimum of eight years of work experience in which at least three years at managerial level.

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